9/11 Poems
A Tribute to
"The Entenmann's Lady"

Heroes come in different forms,
And some are never known ...
Giving all they could possibly give
From their hearts and on their own.

Suzan is one of those heroes,
Who ran before being asked.
She knew the horror and suffering there
And performed one of life's greatest tasks.

The pictures show the work she's done,
To help feed the folks at Ground Zero.
The Entenmann's Lady deserves that credit
And the title of "American Hero."

© by Elaine the Songwriter
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a website that contains more of Elaine's poems)

In Remembrance

A flag of honor, a flag for reflection
It stands for us all uniting this nation.
It will keep in our minds this tragic day,
Memories of such heroic acts shall not go away.

As we look on this flag of cloth and thread,
A field of bright red for the blood that was shed.
Not just on this day of lasting memories,
But for lives that were given throught history.

Two towers of strength that rose up so high,
Reaching for dreams, they stretched to the sky.
They lay now in ruin at the hands of hate,
Great symbols of our nation have met this fate.

Out nation's military housed in a fortress of steel;
We're reminded this day that war is so real.
Hitting the heart of our power and might,
Rise up America, this terror we must fight!

Stars that shine on a field of bright blue,
Remind us of heroes with hearts so true.
An ordinary day, it had started out to be,
Soon their lives would be given for you and me.

A circle is drawn to stand for our nation's unity,
A nation coming together through such tragedy.
A reminder is given for all of America to see,
That our freedom is never really free.

"God Bless America" is written in white,
Make this your prayer each and every night.
God is always with us, He knows our needs
Bring America back to God, should be our decree.

Much was given, many were lost on this day,
A man of terror tried to take our spirit away.
Do not let our new found spirit and unity fade,
As you look on this flag, remember this day ...


© Lt. Tom Robinson
Wilmington, NC Firefighter

This has become the official Remembrance Flag poem.

The Day The Towers Fell

A sad day for America
As rejoicing rang from hell,
Awakening a mighty giant
On the day the towers fell.

Our hearts were saddened
As we watched this vicious act unfold,
As innocence met a fiery death
And seeds of war were sowed.

Shouts rang out from the middle east
That Allah has done his good
But no god joys in faultless deaths
Through certain cowards could.

America just sort of glides along,
But don't step on her toes ...
For her belief in right and justice
Will stomp out freedom's foes.

~ Author Unknown ~

Disaster in America

The morning was quiet, yet loud, in New York City from all the people,
For the next week the families and friends will be at the steeple.
Mourning their loved ones killed in such a disaster,
If only they could have gotten out a little bit faster.

They had no warning, the working women and men,
For their supposedly safe building will collapse just after 10.
Now America is in shock from all this grief,
Nothing can survive this, not even a leaf.

Four days have passed and still many missing,
Streets are crowded with families and friends hugging and kissing.
Helpers from all over the world come to see,
If they can find at least SOMEONE among the debris.

Not only did the innocent workers lose their lives,
But now its the innocent helper who dies.
All around America people are giving their love,
Donating, hoping, and praying for those above.

All at the same time, everyone is upset and mad,
Just thinking about all those families without their mom or dad.
It just makes me want to cry all inside,
God bless and rest in peace for all those who died.

© 9/15/01 Andrea Yehle

Cross Amidst the Ruins

On an early September morning;
Hatred reared it's ugly head.
Terrorism struck Manhattan;
It's wake left thousands dead!

It truly was a miracle ...
How many lives were saved.
Over-shadowed by the horror;
Of the war-like rubbled grave!

Time seemed frozen, hope was lost;
For loved ones left behind.
Trying to hold onto their faith,
Praying, "God give us a sign!"

Uncovered from the wreckage;
A sight that seemed unreal.
A cross that stood 'bout twenty feet ...
From twisted beams of steel!

© Marge Batzer

What Happened?

What happened that September Day?
We all struggle to understand.
With grief and anguish in our hearts,
Our country must take a stand.

Soon the Stars and Stripes appear
On every home and car,
A symbol of strength and hope,
As we prepare in war.

As the flags grow scare,
We search far and wide,
The need for "Old Glory"
To reflect our pride ...

... Times goes on, months have passed,

The families of September 11th
Seek normalcy, if any.

But wait ... what's this ... the Stars and Stripes,
That once flew far and wide,
Many ripped and torn and faded,
Have we forgotten our pride?

I wonder what the families think,
Old Glory now worn and tattered,
As they pass those familiar homes and cars,
The flag, once all that mattered

It makes me think about our nation,
When I see our flag so frayed.
How soon we all forget the pain
Of that tragic September day.

So let's think about those special heroes,
Who lost their lives that day,
And honor them with fitting flags
And for the families ... Pray!

© Gwen Loiacono


On September 11th we woke to a normal morning and got ready for the day.
We never expected the tragedy that was headed our way.
We got ready for school and work; we didn't want to be late,
Not knowing we'd never forget this horrifying date.

We started our routines, and planned for a busy time,
Until we got the call through the telephone line.
We turned on the TV just as we were told,
And watched as our hands started to grow very cold.

New York was full of smoke like a very foggy morning,
Because a plane had struck a building without a single warning.
We all watched in silence as the second building was hit,
I could not believe it, NO not one bit!

As we watched the first tower collapse and saw the people jumping,
We had to look away for our hearts were surely pumping.
When the second tower collapsed, tears fell from my eyes,
I thought of all those people that lost their lives.

© 2/23/03 -Roman Widdig
7th Grade - 13 yrs old


The American Eagle

I saw a poster of the American Eagle
with a tear falling from his eye.
The twin towers were in the background
with smoke hovering in the sky.

Part of the world hated us,
they want to see us die!
They use planes as bombs, send warfare,
scheme and plot and lie.

So pray for our country, solidarilty will stand.
Our nation has bled and cried,
but America will prevail
for God is on our side!

Dianna Wilder


“Giving A Life”

It's twenty past the hour now
The stations neat and clean.
They’ve had their morning exercise
Their bodies are tough and lean.

They know their job’s to Serve and Protect.
Sometimes they just can’t wait.
But none of them knew what was near
On that September date.

The fire raged on , the bell did sound,
It's time to go to work.
But fear did not approach their minds
Though they knew they could get hurt.

They marched up to each tower
With one thing on their minds.
To get the people out of harms way,
What ever be his crime.

Although not everyone was saved,
Still, one thing remains.
GOD was with them each step of the way,
HE was there to ease their pain.

Giving A Life to save another
That’s what the Firefighters rendered.
One thing remains in me and all,
“They’ll Always Be Remembered.”

F/F Brian M. Watkins
November 2001
Montgomery Fire Department
Montgomery, Ala.



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