On September 11, 2001, Suzan Vitti, a nursing student and trained emergency service volunteer saw the attacks on the World Trade Center unfold on television.  She immediately put on her uniform and reported to the Kendall Park First Aid Building in central New Jersey.  When she heard reports that food and emergency supplies were needed she began calling businesses to solicit donations and within 48 hrs. of the attacks, with a sign in her back window that read "Going to Ground Zero," she was on her way with her car so loaded down with baked goods from Entenmann's of Edison that she had to drive below the speed limit with her hazard lights flashing. Eventually a police officer spotted her and directed her to the site.

With her deliveries of cakes, cookies, donuts, bagels and pies, she earned the nickname
"The Entenmann's Lady"

From that first day until the rescue/recovery efforts were suspended, Suzan became a welcome and familiar site at Ground Zero as she continued to make her deliveries, bandage wounds, put drops in the workers eyes to clear the dust and distributed aspirin, goggles, gloves and food. When the winter months arrived, Suzan drove around the outskirts of the site seeking out groups of police officers, who were hovered over fires they'd routinely lit in barrels to keep warm while at their posts, delivering the goodies to them.

Suzan picking up bakery goodies from Entenmann's

Suzan with her car LOADED with
Entenmann's Bakery goods

Sign in Suzan's window
"Going to Ground Zero"

After nursing school classes, Suzan, with her shopping cart full of goodies and supplies, spends her nights delivering them to the workers at Ground Zero.

Suzan delivering her welcomed goodies to firefighters on the site.

Suzan bandages the hand of a
firefighter who has been injured

for this cart!"

Suzan administers drops to the eyes of police officers to clear the dust of the WTC from their eyes.

A soldier enjoys the pizza!

Tables in the PAPD Compound,
that Suzan kept filled with goodies

Suzan not only delivered goodies
to the workers at Ground Zero,
she also helped out by working
in the PBA Kitchen

Suzan signs a beam from the WTC before leaving Ground Zero

For her efforts Suzan has received countless honors, including commendations and recognition from several units of the Police and Fire Departments of the City of New York, the Salvation Army, the Army National Guard, the New York State Troopers, the Board of Freeholders, the Mayor, New Jersey State Legislature, Assemblywomen Linda Greenstein, Congressman Rush Holt, the Governor of New Jersey, New York Governor George Pataki and PAPD Superintendent Samuel Plumeri.

One of her most prized possessions is a sweatshirt, upon which she has pinned the more than 150 pieces of official collar brass donated to her by grateful rescue and recovery personnel to whom she tended at Ground Zero.  As to her volunteering spirit, Suzan has said simply, "I'm an American.  It is my duty."

Suzan currently works as a private duty nurse. From time to time she continues to make her Entenmann's deliveries to 14 firehouses that surround ground zero.

In November 2003, Suzan Vitti signed a contract/licensing agreement provided by Entenmann's Vice President & executives, recognizing her as the "official Entenmann's Lady of Entenmann's Corp." This title was bestowed upon her in recognition of her volunteer work at ground zero.

Suzan with NJ Governor James McGreevey

"Suzan, I wanted to congratulate you on your dedication to the WTC workers.  The many hours you gave to provide the food products and supplies to the rescue and recovery workers, are a true testament to your compassion and caring nature.  I commend you for your tireless efforts during this tragic time.  You are a very special person."
        New Jersey Governor James E. McGreevey,
        June 2002

"It is a honor to represent Suzan Vitti in Congress.  Once again, I rise to commend her for her selfless and tireless efforts on behalf of the rescue and recovery personnel at Ground Zero and for her volunteering and patriotic spirit.  I wish her much success in her future endeavors, and I ask my colleagues to join me in recognizing her accomplishments."
        Congressman Rush Holt, NJ
        July 26, 2002

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