On May 1st 2005, Suzan was reunited with her cat Melin after almost 3 years apart. The lady that brought him to her, (Marion) refused the reward. Dreams really do come true!

Here is a cute poem


Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of Heaven,
Before the Pearly Gates,
Is a sunny meadow where
Your pets can rest and wait.

It's where the slanting sunshine
Meets the highest clouds,
A floating bridge of rainbows,
So far above the ground.

This is where we wait for you,
If we have gone before.
Just out of sight of mortals,
Just out side of heaven's door;

Here we play in sunshine,
Frolic free from age or pain.
And anticipate the joyful time
When we will meet again.

Every pet that's lived on Earth
Can bide his time, can wait,
For that special person
To come walking to the Rainbow Gates.

And everyone who's loved a pet
Will find them safely here,
Frolicking on Rainbow Bridge
Till your own time draws near.

One day there comes a feeling,
A trembling in the air,
And then we know it's time
To run and come to meet you there,

Faster and faster that day,
Across Rainbow Bridge we'll run,
To meet the humans we love the best,
Come walking in the sun.

Alas my friend you cannot pass
Across Rainbow Bridge with me,
But when your time for glory comes,
Waiting for you I'll be -

Then together we will walk
On a path of glittering light,
No more to suffer, nor to part,
But to live forever side by side.

Every pet that's lived on Earth
Can bide his time and wait,
Till together with his person
He goes through those Pearly Gates,

And everyone who's loved a pet,
You'll find them waiting here,
Safe and sound on Rainbow Bridge
Till your own time draws near.

(Author Unknown To Me)



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