Thank You
to the following people for making a difference in my life:



Grace Summers
Gail Carlson "my favorite aunt"
D. Patterson
W. White
K. White
SGM Goins
SGM Ralph Borja
SGM Steve Jensen
Lt. T. Sanawasso
S. Hoover
Jude F. "fifty-one"
C. May Green
Congressman Rush Holt
Gov. G. Pataki
Gov. J. McGreevey
Heather Baker
Shannon Baker
Officer J. Cronin
Officer Rudy Fernandez
Lt. Tom Henry FDNY
Michael Vitti
Mark Remeta
Lt. B.K.
My ground zero family members
H. Reuter
P. Page
My donators
My EMS & Nursing instructors
Jon Pek - "my father"
Ben Verene
B. Fraser
S. Jones
Chief J. Riches, FDNY
S. Scott
S. Moore
K. Williams
Sonya Smith USAF
Cathy Travis
J. Spathis
1st Precinct NYPD
Jim Michale
Mrs. Joan Pulochek BSN
Mrs. Hyle
Chief Saunders
Captain Raymond Rielly FDNY
F. Finger II & III
The staff at CRK:Interactive
Michelle Mulder
Barbara Burns
Dr. John Farella
Chief W. Cafaro
Prof. Strugala
Sister Margaret BSN
Entenmann's - GWB
Fred Penni
Joe McCarthy
Andy McGinn
Butch Grell
Michael Albert "London"
Montel Williams
Rich Baker
Barbara Baker
Carin Corn
Captain Howard NYPD
Dr. Casper
Jack Agliata D.C.
Dr. Szemere
Vicki Szemere
Dr. R. Statler
Chief T. Jensen
Mayor Johnson




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