The Commander

"Although I love and respect all of the workers at ground zero the PAPD night shift crew were like family to me. I took care of them as if they were my family. Out of all of the people they are the ones that I miss the most. I don't think those men will ever know how much they meant to me...taking care of them."

Suzan Vitti
(Answering the Call 2004)

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This book "Closure" was written by the PAPD night shift commander "Lt. William Keegan." If it wasn't for Lt. Keegan watching over me at ground zero, the Entenmann's Lady would have left 2 months after 9-11. Keegan stepped out of his way to make it possible for me to continue making my deliveries. Like a guaridan angel...he watched over me for a time. This book gives an insight to the men that I took care of and what they went through during the recovery. It brings a smile to my face when I read something in the book and can say "I remember that..."

Lt. Keegan, I'd like to wish you and your family all the best, especially Tara. Thank you for watching over me at ground zero. I remember that problem you took care of for me from the 5th Pct. You were my hero!

Click here for Lt. William Keegan's website


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